WP2 fortnightly meeting

    • 11:00 AM 11:10 AM
      News 10m
      Speakers: Rosie Bolton (Square Kilometre Array Organisation) , Xavier Espinal (CERN)
      • The proposal for DAC21 and the 2nd Phase Plan was presented at the ESCAPE Technical Coordination meeting (https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/23970/).  Positive feedback and good alignment with TC activities to foster WP integration and (EOSC-Future) SP preparations
        • From Ian's notes: We will use the Technical Coordination meetings to have a high level coordination of the contributions to the DAC challenge as well as the SPs. 


      • Requested a delay for deliverables
        • MS11 (external resources) from 07/21 to 12/21
        • MS12 (ISO16363 certification) from 09/21 to 06/22


      • WP6 webinar proposal (from Rita/Luigi) - 1 hour, need 3 of our ESFRIs to participate. 
        • Demonstrate how ESCAPE DIOS is having a positive impact on the ESFRIs. We would have you as speaker (as WP2 leader) and invite representatives of the ESFRIs (ideally 3) to become speakers and share their testimonials to the audience. Since in the ESCAPE OSSR webinar we had SKA, CTA and EGO-VIRGO, maybe for Wp2 would be better to have ESFRIs which are not these ones. The webinar would not take more than 1h, which includes a 10min Q&A where attendees can pose questions. The target audience would be e-infrastructures (namely pan-European research organisations), ESFRI projects not involved in ESCAPE OSSR. Professionals involved in EOSC are also targeted. The idea of the webinar is to catch the attention from the audience, familiar and not familiar with ESCAPE in the first place. To raise awareness in the target audience on what ESCAPE has to offer and, later on, become adopters of the ESCAPE OSSR.


      • RUCIO/experiments session 4th of May (14:00 to 17:00). Focus on technical discussions about current and future data management needs. Short survey will be distributed in advanced with few questions to trigger and focus the discussion. Will not be a presentation based workshop.


      • Some topics for next meeting(s), please get in touch for more suggestions
        • Activities, timelines and milestones towards DAC21 from WP2 Task Leads
        • Commercial clouds, ephemeral resources, integration work ongoing: AWS and Google (FG)
        • Discussion on remote data injection mechanisms (non-deterministic RSEs, simple-injectors, "unidirectional" DataRecording-RSEs)​​​​​​​
    • 11:10 AM 11:25 AM
      Report and discussion from the DIOS-ESAP joint meeting 15m
      Speaker: Yan Grange (ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy)
    • 11:25 AM 11:45 AM
      Discussion on DIOS Second Phase and DAC21 20m
      Speaker: All
    • 11:45 AM 11:55 AM
      Depops hot topics 10m
      Speaker: Depops weekly chair
    • 11:55 AM 12:00 PM