Common WP3+WP5 call


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Issues were collected in this document.

Related information on WP coordination can be found in this git project.


  • Status of WP3+WP5 current developments & tech coordination
  • outlining common work
    • goals of this WG
    • requirements for common use cases
  • next calls: date for metadata task force (candidates: Fri 30/04 13:00, Mon 03/05 11:00, Fri 07/05 14:00
    • 15:00 15:05
      Update on Work in WP5 5m
      Speaker: John Swinbank (ASTRON)
      • Interactive Data Analysis WG “reboot”.
        • Focus on demonstrating practical integration of ESAP with a Jupyter system.
        • Nice link to ongoing “metadata task force” HCG-16 project: this should provide the enabling technology to make it possible to run notebooks through ESAP.
      • IDA WG driving focus on ESAP architecture.
        • Write-up on this will be forthcoming.
      • Worthwhile discussion meetings with WP2 + WP4.
        • WP2 + WP5 collaboration focused on “DAC21” challenge. Opportunity for WP3 involvement here (“Collaboration with WP3 for software repos, image registry, etc” from that document).
        • WP4 tech forum: Dave Morris raised prospect of innovative APIs for scheduling work. Not yet fully understood if/how this fits in to the big picture of WP3/5 interaction.
    • 15:05 15:10
      Update on Work in WP3 5m
      Speakers: Elena Cuoco, Jutta Schnabel (FAU Erlangen (ECAP)) , Dr Kay Graf (ECAP - University of Erlangen)
      • Outcome of WP3+WP5 metadata meeting (@WP5 monthly meeting): HCG-16 use case: mybinder & Zenodo metadata
      • Software onboarding continuing
      • IWAPP follow-up: Setting up workflow for MM and ML integration
      • WP3 contribution to “DAC21” challenge.
      • Inclusion of software catalogues queries on OSSR or ESAP?
    • 15:10 15:20
      Use cases: a look ahead on use case sharing 10m
      Speaker: Jutta Schnabel (FAU Erlangen (ECAP))
    • 15:20 15:50
      Discussion: Cooperation goals and use cases 30m
      • prospects of plans from the innovative workflows perspective for WP5 cooperation
      • an outlook what the TSPs mean for our cooperation
    • 15:50 15:55
      AOB 5m

      next meeting