NEUTRINOS : Developments of the Supernovae trigger in DUNE

27 Jan 2021, 13:40


The main goal of the DUNE experiment is to perform an ultimate study of neutrino oscillations over long distance and to search for CP violation in the neutrino sector. The experiment, containing about 40 kton of liquid argon, has also excellent capabilities to detect neutrinos from astrophysical sources such as neutrino bursts from core collapse supernovae (SNa). This additional physics goal introduces challenging aspects in the DUNE DAQ/trigger system, which should be able of detecting neutrinos from a Supernova burst over a time window of the order of 10s and dealing with a very large data flow.
With my thesis work I have been contributing to studying possible solutions for the design of the basic elements of the DAQ back-end system, capable of dealing with the requirements related to the SNa trigger and interfacing with the front-end system developed at IP2I. I will discuss the studies performed on the data flow compression/decompression and the online search for trigger primitives, which are the first steps for the definition of the SNa trigger.

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