Réunion DUNE-IN2P3 du 13/01/21


16 participants
Jaime Dawson, Dominique Duchesneau, Vyacheslav Galymov, Alessandra Tonazzo, Arnaud Robert, Dario Auterio, Elisabetta Pennacchio,Fabien Cavalier, Jean-Sebastien Real, Joao Coelho, Johann Collot, Laura Zambelli, Laurent Simard, Jean-Stephane Ricol, Konstantin Shchablo, Thomas Patzak

News - Dario
director's review minutes are available on docdb
 DOE independent project review of LBNF/DUNE 6-13/1/2021
 session dedicated to VD (preferred option by collab for 2nd module)

VD document continually updated

first batch of 2021 project funding being delivered

in2p3 international thesis project funding (student should spend some time at FNAL). need for application (supervisor's name, thesis title and acryonym, max (150 char), thesis project description (max 500 words)
-- must be <50% at FNAL (no where else), but must be significant
-- french thesis
-- send to Dario quickly

Round Table

- APC. Jaime will briefly introduce technical activity on Photon Detector.

- IJCLab Fabien gave a brief update on technical work ongoing, expect a presentation on activities shortly.

- Grenoble Jean-Sebastien - work on level meters is continuing. The group begins an analysis of liquid argon scintillation.
Dominique adds the potential of working on measuring deformation of structures. Strategy is needed for positioning the cathode and verifying deformations. Other sensors (not level meters) required for this, since cathode is immersed.

Filippo (CERN) should normally organise a meeting on the cold box next week.

I2PI Dario - preparation for cold box testing continues; computing (Elisabetta), analysis (Slavic)

LAPP - Dominique will present technical activity on CRP mechanical structure. Analysis (Laura).

DD requests for contributions for future meetings

Jaime briefly presented the APC light read-out activity. The group is working on developping an analog optical transceiver (in LAr) and a warm optical receiver with a 170 MHz (max) ADC. No news yet about the VD photon detector kick off meeting, suggested to recontact Flavio Cavanna.

Dominique presented the activity on the CRP mechanics, specifically the design studies of the superstructure. A modification to the design which is presented in the proposal is proposed, increasing the number of suspension cables from 3 to 4, which will impove planarity. Responding to Thomas's question, Dominique explains that when the cryostat is cooled down the top deforms, and since the top CRP structure is hanging from the top, the motors will allow readjustment of the CRP positions. The bottom does not deform, and so the bottom CRP structure does not require any repositioning. Unlike in DP, the motors will not be running continuously.

Slavic presented the VD analysis activity. A preliminary version of VD workspace geometry is available. A number of improvements to the geometry are being worked on. The VD simulation is discussed in FD Sim/Reco meetings (subscribe to dune-reco). Expect at least 2 talks related to the VD sim at the collaboration meeting (FD Sim/Reco parallel session).



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    • 10:00 10:10
      Nouvelles récentes du projet 10m
      Speaker: Dario Autiero (IPNL)
    • 10:10 10:25
      Quelques 'highlights' côté activités des labos 15m
      Speaker: Tour de table
    • 10:25 10:35
      côté développement technique: Light Readout 10m
      Speaker: Jaime Dawson (AstroParticule et Cosmologie, Paris 7)
    • 10:35 10:45
      Short status on CRP mechanics 10m
      Speaker: Dominique Duchesneau (LAPP CNRS/IN2P3)
    • 10:45 10:55
      volet analyse et simulation du Vertical Drift 10m
      Speaker: Vyacheslav Galymov (IP2I Lyon)
    • 10:55 11:00
      A.O.B. 5m