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What are the goals of this survey?

After the end of a successful O3 campaign, the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra (LVK) collaborations are interested in both understanding what went well and what did not for the follow-up community during O3 looking forward to O4, set to begin in 2022, although the timing may change depending on resumption of activities after the disruptions of the pandemic. For this reason, we look to this community for their perspective in the forms of a survey, for which there are two main benefits: i.) inspiring new ideas for fresh capabilities useful for the broader community and ii.) prioritizing plans among the LVK low-latency group looking towards O4 improvements. Therefore, we focus on interactions with the alert system, including its contents and dissemination, and how they may be improved.

Alert timeline
Alert service
Notice Content

For the questions below, refer to the following list of notice items: Role (observation, test), WhereWhen (Time of signal), GraceID, Packet Type (Preliminary, Initial, Update, Retraction), NoticeType (150, 152), False Alarm Rate (FAR), SkyMap (Link), Group (CBC, Burst), Pipeline (name), Category (BNS, NSBH, MassGap, BBH, Terrestrial), HasNS, HasRemnant (prob)

Circular Content
Services and Communication with the LVK collaborations
Multi-messenger tools

The LVK collaboration is interested in how their alerts are used in the context of multi-messenger tools.

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