Networking task catch up, March 9th 2020

SKA Organisation

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Rosie Bolton (Square Kilometre Array Organisation)

Informal update on activities preparing for networking tests


Round table update


Still waiting on the PerfSONAR machines at GSI to be set up (ACTION: Rizart to check up on this, Paul please to help as needed)

Has been in touch with Alex Dodson at AARENT: Perth PerfSONAR box should be ready by now (due last week) but no confirmation received. (ACTION: Rizart to chase up on this)

Rizart explained how to get lightweight CERN accounts to that we can get access to the Grafana instance for the development of monitoring dashboards - this is work in progress but Rizart will create a "how to" guide so new members can get accounts and contribute to the dashboard development and ultimately, use.

Dashboards will need to be developed and ready to use by the summer, but we anticipate being early in this.

Ron, Raymond and Yan: had done some data transfer tests with SARAO (Simon Ratcliffe) - some trouble with Ilifu cloud (storage was down) - we agreed an action for SKA to take responsibility for the interaction with South African colleagues to get an RSE in ESCAPE, but to include Yan in email traffic. 

Aleem: Recent focus has been on QoS work but interested in contributing to dashboard development.

Rohini: EOS storage at AARNET (Perth and Melbourne) has successfully been used within the SKA RAL rucio instance to transfer data from Australia to UK. Most work done by Crystal Chua, Rohini supporting with testing. Now that this works it should be much easier to also include storage in the ESCAPE rucio too. Authentication was a major challenge.

Rosie: New team member, Jimmy Cullen will start at SKA March 16th. We will try to schedule an intensive few days so Rizart can get Jimmy up to speed. However, travel restrictions may mean that this has to be done via videocon in the first instance, with a larger team meeting happening later once travel restrictions ease.

Rosie will doodle for a regular meeting slot once Jimmy is onboard.




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