ESCAPE QoS fortnightly meeting


Minutes for 2020-06-10 T2.2 meeting


Aleem Sarwar

Frederic Gillardo

Paul Millar

Marcelo Soares

Nadine Neyroud

Bruzzese Agustin



Rohini Joshi

Marek Szuba - last-minute issues at home


  • News

  • Round table


Marek presented the report on upcomings plans for QoS group in last week's WP2 General meeting.
Paul generated the list and will share it.
Xavi asked if the things could be finalised in 2-4 weeks time.

QoS 1st draft to be completed in around 4 weeks time.
One-to-one video conference with SKA (Rohini and Rosie) and CTA (Nadine and Frederic) on ESCAPE QoS document. Agenda is to complete the doc (1st draft/Iteration).
Paul: Is it a reasonable plan?.
Frederic: Hopefully it would be possible. And it should be okay till the next QoS meeting after having feedback with Paul.

Paul: Chance to look into the document?
Kilian: Yes, Concluded the first round of interviews with PANDA and CBM. Looking forward, how it goes.
Paul: Is it possible to have 1st draft/version in 2-3 weeks time.
Kilian: Yes it's possible to have it in 3 weeks.
Paul to Xavi: We can produce a 1st version of QoS doc with SKA, CTA and FAIR.

Round table
Streams info can be found at:

Stream A: prototyping and demonstration

Running LOFAR use-case

Aleem: Discussion with Pandey and and looking forward to having Compute resource access on medium scale on SURFsara facility.
Pandey will look into rucio-client and try Aleem’s QoS demo on his side.
Marek Reported Rucio-client  GRIDFTP Issue while uploading a file.

Paul: Any time period given regarding OIDC support enabled?

Frederic: I am having an email conversation with Rizart and he didn't mentioned any.

Paul: GridFTP only works with X509 for authentication. Can be solved by moving to OIDC. 

Kilian: Marek is working on Rucio and it’s good if rucio provides more debug report. He is trying to upload to DESY-DCACHE and later to GSI and having an authentication problem, identified by Paul as an internal dCache error to be looked at.

Discussion on the problem with Rucio not creating parent directories during uploads for most protocols (observed on DESY-DCACHE, as mentioned 2 weeks ago, before the current authn problem):

Paul and Frederic: Status of ticketing system and drop an email to Xavi.

Aleem and frederic: Facing Issue with dcache-demo with error while log in either with ESCAPE IAM or username and pass “Cannot read property 'status' of undefined. Please check that you have supplied the correct credentials”

Paul: Will check and share the details once it's working.

Stream B: engagement with experiments

Work in progress on ESCAPE QoS Document.

Stream C: software developments

Paul: I will drop and email to martin and Aris about the upcoming plans and on rucio development

The next meeting will be on 24th June 2020 at 2PM -3 PM CEST.

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    • 2:00 PM 2:10 PM
      News 10m
      Speaker: Paul Millar (DESY)
    • 2:10 PM 2:50 PM
      Round Table 40m
      • Stream A: Prototyping and demonstration
      • Stream B: Engagement with experiments
      • Stream C: Software development
    • 2:50 PM 3:00 PM
      AOB 10m