ESCAPE QoS fortnightly meeting


Minutes for 2020-03-18 T2.2 meeting


Aleem Sarwar

Marcelo Soares

Riccardo Di Maria

Enrico Vianello

Paul Millar

Martin Barisits

Frederic Gillardo

Mario Lassnig

Marek Szuba



  • News

  • Round table


Rucio workshop -- mostly remote.  Some interest in QoS.  Aris presented ESCAPE (and QoS) with some discussion about QoS.


Round table
Streams info can be found at:

Stream A: prototyping and demonstration


Wiki page now contains the first draft of Storage QoS Class


Next step is for Aris to add the qos key-value pair to the RSE endpoints in the ESCAPE testbed, based on the wiki page.


Aleem successfully ran the LOFAR workflow on his desktop.


Aleem uploaded the entire output tar file. Pandey confirmed that the 


Yan mentioned having an authentication problem accessing data on the data lake.


Plan to use X.509 client credentials, with anyone with an ESCAPE being able to read the data.


Volunteer sites to run the LOFAR workflow?


Rucio deleting files when a rule, replicas become “secondary replicas”.  Can add a flag to say when a rule is deleted to also remove the replicas.  Martin: that’s easily doable.

Stream B: engagement with experiments


Waiting on the MAS meeting this week -- otherwise, nothing to report.


Mario can run this separate document through a ATLAS to get it approved.


Aleem to contact CTA and SKA to organise meetings.

Stream C: software developments


Rucio -- need to define a work plan with Aris to decide when the new features will be added.


There may be some news next week.


The Dev version.  WLCG DOMA testbed (XDC testbed).  Connected to both the XDC and IAM.


Experience from WLCG DOMA testbed suggests the new version should not break the existing X.509 functionality. --- so deploying it should be safe.


The next meeting will be 1st April at 2PM CEST

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    • 2:00 PM 2:10 PM
      News 10m
      • ESCAPE rockchat as tool for a discussion forum:
      Speaker: Paul Millar (DESY)
    • 2:10 PM 2:50 PM
      Round Table 40m
      • Stream A: prototyping and demonstration
      • Stream B: engagement with experiments
      • Stream C: software development
    • 2:50 PM 3:00 PM
      AOB 10m