ESCAPE QoS fortnightly meeting

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      • ESCAPE rockchat as tool for a discussion forum:
      Speaker: Paul Millar (DESY)
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      Round Table

      Implement QoS endpoints:

      • Implement current QoS possibilities at the sites: Erasure Coding, N-replica, Raid with RUCIO.
      • Define specific RSE per QoS endpoint (some sites with multiple Rucio RSEs but different storage endpoints)
      • Demonstrate data transition through QoS:
        • By policy (pre-set transition date?)
        • Interactive (experiment changing the QoS “label”)
      • Rohini: Contact Alastair Dewhurst (at STFC) to ask about adding ECHO storage to the ESCAPE QoS testbed.
      • Ron: S3 Endpoint
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