PCCP: Planning gender equality actions

Pierre-Gilles de Genes (APC)

Pierre-Gilles de Genes


10 Rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet, 75013 Paris

The Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics (PCCP) is active in outreach and dissemination activities. During 2020, the PCCP will also pursue gender equality actions.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and administrative staff who wish to promote gender equality actions in science.

The morning lectures are open  to anyone that would like to know more about gender equality actions in physics and about PCCP outreach activities.

The afternoon session is open to anyone willing to plan and promote gender equality actions in collaboration with the PCCP during 2020.


  • Agata Trovato
  • Alessandra Tonazzo
  • Anne Lemière
  • Bastien Arcelin
  • Catherine Nguyen
  • Claudine Hermann
  • Daniele steer
  • Eric Chassande-Mottin
  • Giulia Vannoni
  • Jean-Luc ROBERT
  • Jie Hu
  • Lorenza D'Alessandro
  • Matteo Barsuglia
  • Norma Graciela SANCHEZ
  • Olga Szydlowska
  • Radek Stompor
  • Sara DUCCI
  • Simone Mastrogiovanni
  • Stefano Gabici
  • Thomas Montandon