Bhat Siddarth, Conception et caractérisation de capteurs CMOS pour détecteur pixel en physique des particules / Design and characterization in Depleted CMOS technology for particle physics pixel detector

Amphi (CPPM)




The ATLAS experiment will operate at the High Luminosity LHC accelerator (HL-LHC) in 2026. Depleted CMOS monolithic pixel detector technology has been one of the options considered for the outer layer of an upgraded ATLAS pixel detector and is a high potential technology for future pixel detectors. This thesis focuses on the implementation of new designs and characterization of depleted CMOS sensors. Several prototypes in AMS, TowerJazz, and LFoundry technologies have been developed and tested. An overview on the developments for the ATLAS pixel detector will be described, along with an emphasis on the designed blocks and measurements.

Membres du jury:
Cristinel Diaconu, lab director CPPM.
Alexandre Rozanov, PhD co-adviser, CPPM.
Marlon Barbero , PhD co-adviser, AMU-CPPM.
Jérôme Baudot, IPHC-Université de Strasbourg.
Petra Riedler, Senior Staff Physicist, CERN.
Malte Backhaus, Senior Scientist, ETH Zurich.


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