Small biased summary of the ICRC conferences

by Damien Dornic (CPPM), Ekrem Oguzhan Anguner (CPPM), Massimiliano Lincetto (Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS/IN2P3, CPPM, Marseille, France)


The International Cosmic Ray Conference, or ICRC, is one of the largest conference in this field since 1947, where physicists from the world present the results of their research in Astroparticle Physics. The meeting covers cosmic-ray physics, neutrino physics, gamma-ray astonomy, dark matter, particle astrophysics, and detector techniques in these fields. This summer, the conference was in Madison in USA (https://www.icrc2019.org). Three persons from CPPM has participated. We will do a summary of the main results in gamma-ray, neutrino and cosmic ray physics.