Eluned Anne Smith (Aachen) -- Searching for new physics with $b\rightarrow s\ell\ell$ transitions


Decays involving $b\rightarrow s\ell\ell$ transitions are mediated via loop or box diagrams. As such, they are suppressed in the Standard Model (SM) and extremely sensitive to effects from new heavy particles.

There has been increasing interest in $b\rightarrow s\ell\ell$ processes, due to the emergence of several intriguing tensions between measured observables and SM predictions. Of particular interest are measurements of decay rates and angular observables, as well as lepton flavour universality tests. These tensions constitute part of the so-called flavour anomalies.

This talk will give an overview of $b\rightarrow s\ell\ell$ measurements at LHCb, with a particular focus on angular analyses. Global fits to $b\rightarrow s\ell\ell$ observables, as well as possible theoretical interpretations of the anomalies, will also briefly be discussed.