Séminaires LAPP

Direct searches for Dark Matter with DarkSide and MadMax experiments





The discovery of the Higgs boson and the absence so far of signs of new physics in the first two runs of the LHC have deeply changed the particle physics field. More than ever, the main puzzles are now coming from observational cosmology: what is the nature of dark energy and dark matter ? What is the origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry ?
In this respect, particle physics has a direct connection with dark matter with two excellent candidates (WIMPs and axions) that were introduced beforehand to solve theoretical problems of the Standard Model (e.g. hierarchy and absence of CP violation in the strong sector).

Direct searches for both WIMPs and axions recently entered a discovery mode in the phase space favored by the theory. The next decade will be decisive, probing most of this phase space thanks to new innovative experiments. This seminar will focus on two of them, DarkSide (WIMP) and
MadMax (axion), that CPPM members recently started to work on. The short term scientific and technological opportunities will be enlighted, and the first contributions on detector calibration (DarkSide) and mechanics (MadMax) will be presented.