Séminaires LAPP

Merijn Van de Klundert : "The CASTOR calorimeter of the CMS experiment""

The CASTOR calorimeter of the CMS experiment is the most forward conventional calorimeter deployed at the LHC. It measures in the speudorapidity range -6.6<eta<-5.2. During LHC run I and run II CASTOR successfully took data at various beam energies and configurations, including heavy ion collisions. In this talk the performance of this special instrument will be discussed; in particular its alignment and calibration.
Originally, CASTOR has been designed to search for strangelets and centauro events. However, by its acceptance the detector has enhanced and unique sensitivity to measure various QCD phenomena and cosmic ray physics as well. In the talk an outline is given of underlying event measurements involving CASTOR, inclusive cross section measurements, as well as the latest jet measurement.