23 June 2009
LPNHE, Campus Jussieu, T 43 RdC
Europe/Paris timezone
This workshop aims at organising the interaction among the members of the french community that emerged few years ago and which is working on biological problems at meso or macroscopic scales using SMA based in silico experiments. Another aim of that workshop is also to meet some european researchers involved in similar topics. Half of the speakers are invited by the scientific comitee of this workshop while the other half is selected through a call for contribution wich is running until 2009, June 12th. As we did last year, we will try to publish the contributions as articles in the Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry as a dedicated issue of the journal. Submission of abstract should be done by e-mail to quijano@ibisc.univ-evry.fr (with a carbon copy to laforge@lpnhe.in2p3.fr and beurton@labri.fr). Registration is mandatory but free of charge. Organising Committee : P. Ballet (Univ. Bretagne Occidentale), M. Beurton-Aimar (Univ. Bordeaux 1), M.A. Hervé du Penhoat (Univ. Paris 6) G. Hutzler (Univ. Evry), B. Laforge (Univ. Paris 6), L. Le Guillou (Univ. Paris 6), J. Gil-Quijano (Univ. Evry), V. Noris (Univ. Rouen) Scientific Advisory Committee : P. Amar (Univ. Paris 11), P. Ballet (Univ. Bretagne Occidentale), M. Beurton-Aimar (Univ. Bordeaux 1), C. Bernon (Univ. Toulouse), G. Bernot (Univ. Nice Sophia-Antipolis) V. Chevrier (Univ. Nancy), F. Guinand (Univ. Le Havre) D. Hernandez-Verdun (Institut J. Monot, Paris) G. Hutzler (LAMI, Univ. Evry), F. Kepes (Genopôle, Evry), B. Laforge (LPNHE, Univ. Paris 6), L. Le Guillou (LPNHE, Univ. Paris 6), J. Quitano (Univ. Evry), V. Noris (Univ. Rouen) S. Marée (Univ. Utrecht, NL) A. Paldi (EPHE, Genethon) R. Solé (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain) R. Thomas (IBISC, CNRS Evry) This workshop is organised with the financial support of the Fédération de Recherche Interactions Fondamentales de Paris (FRIF), the Ateliers d'épigénomique du Génopôle d'Evry.
LPNHE, Campus Jussieu, T 43 RdC
Amphitéâtre Bernard Grossetête
4 place jussieu 7252 Paris
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