Adrien Hourlier (MIT) : 3D track finding for MicroBooNE’s deep learning based event reconstruction chain

MicroBooNE is a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) 
neutrino experiment on the Booster Neutrino Beamline at the Fermi 
National Accelerator Laboratory, with an 85-tonne active mass. One 
of MicroBooNE's primary physics goals is to investigate the excess 
of electron neutrino events seen by MiniBooNE in the [200-600] MeV 
range. MicroBooNE will constrain the intrinsic electron neutrino 
component of the beam by measuring the muon neutrino spectrum. Our 
low-energy excess analysis makes use of deep learning algorithms 
applied to the high-resolution images provided by the MicroBooNE 
LArTPC. I will present a novel 3D event reconstruction based on 
computer vision tools and a stochastic search algorithm, yielding 
an excellent energy resolution for 1mu1p muon neutrino 
interactions in the [200-1500] MeV range. I will then present 
validation studies verifying the good agreement of our simulation 
to our muon neutrino data.
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