Séminaires LAPP

The CERN Neutrino Platform

by Stefania Bordoni (CERN)

Auditorium (LAPP)




The long-baseline neutrino programme has been classified as one of the four highest-priority scientific objectives in 2013 by the European Strategy for Particle Physics. The Neutrino Platform is the CERN venture to foster and support the next generation of accelerator-based neutrino os- cillation experiments.

Part of the present CERN Medium-Term Plan, the Neutrino Platform provide facilities to develop and prototype the next generation of neutrino detectors and contribute to unify the European neutrino community towards the US and Japanese projects. A significative effort is made on R&D for LAr TPC technologies: two big LAr TPC prototypes for the DUNE far detector are under construction at CERN.

In this talk I will review some of the CERN Neutrino Platform activities focussing on the efforts related to the protoDUNE detector and in particular to the single-phase technology.