3rd Technical Workshop On Fuel Cycle Simulation

FIAP Jean Monnet Paris

FIAP Jean Monnet Paris

30 Rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris

The organizing committee welcomes all scientists working around nuclear fuel cycle simulation to share their works and would like to focus this year’s meeting on the following topics:

  • Reactor models
  • Fuel cycle simulators and data treatment
  • Uncertainty management in fuel cycle simulations
  • Economy and interdisciplinary applications
  • Scenario studies and non-proliferation
  • Panel discussion with decision makers

Dynamic fuel cycle simulation tool are used around the world for many different applications, future fuel cycle option assessment, economic and sociology studies, non-proliferation, .... Over the past year different tools have been developed by the different communities, using different philosophies, different objects and different capabilities.

This third dynamic nuclear fuel cycle workshop aims to connect those research efforts and to facilitate the development of international collaborations.

The focus of this workshop is to provide the opportunity to scientist to present and exchange about their work with nuclear fuel cycle experts, to build collaborations and projects at national and international levels.

This 2018 workshop is co-organized by CNRS/IN2P3, IRSN and CEA.

This international workshop is also conceived as an opportunity for enhancing discussions between representatives of different social worlds involved in construction, evaluation or use of fuel cycle scenarios. Besides technical aspects, fuel cycle simulations have important, yet often implicit, political and social dimensions.

The key moment of this third international workshop will be a panel discussion between key figures in the nuclear field from politics, industry and research around the following question: (Re)thinking the future of nuclear energy - How to design and use energy scenarios to better inform policy decisions? This special session will take place on Tuesday 10th July 2018 and be chaired by two social scientists.

We are glad to announce that the participants will have the opportunity to hear from Christian Bataille (French Deputy), Peter Lyons (Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy at the DOE) and Jacques Repussard (Former Director General of french TSO - IRSN).

In order to make the session highly participative, participants are invited to submit questions to panelist via this following link Email For Questions.


SESSION SHS: Panel discussion with decision makers
  • Adrien Bidaud
  • Alan Tkaczyk
  • Anne Baschwitz
  • Aris Villacorta Skarbeli
  • Aron Brolly
  • Arthur Viette
  • Balde Mamadou Saidou
  • Baptiste Mouginot
  • Benoit JOURNE
  • Blazej Chmielarz
  • Brent Dixon
  • Christian BATAILLE
  • Congjin DING
  • Daniel Wojtaszek
  • Edward Hoffman
  • Eric Dumonteil
  • Eva Davidson
  • Fanny COURTIN
  • Florian Mang
  • Franck Bernard
  • Gabin Mantulet
  • Guillaume Krivtchik
  • Gérald SENENTZ
  • Hubert DRUENNE
  • Jacques REPUSSARD
  • Jean-Baptiste Clavel
  • Ki Seob Sim
  • Kooyman Timothée
  • Léa Tillard
  • Malte Göttsche
  • Marc ERNOULT
  • Mariya Brovchenko
  • Mihael KRAUTH
  • Máté Halász
  • Nicholas Brown
  • Nicolas Thiollière
  • Paul Wilson
  • Peter LYONS
  • Philippe MIRANDA
  • Raphaelle Ichou
  • Robert Flanangan
  • Robert Jacqmin
  • Rodica LOISEL
  • Romain Eschbach
  • Romarie Morales Rosado
  • Silvana Mima
  • Stéphane Evo
  • Stéphanie TILLEMENT
  • sylvain DAVID
  • Waclaw Gudowski
  • Xavier Doligez
  • Yarden Livnat
  • Yasar AKDAG
  • Yuliia Hrabar
    • 09:00 09:30
      Welcome 30m
    • 09:30 10:20
      Reactor models for fuel cycle simulations
      • 09:30
        Reactor models in Dynamic Fuel Cycle Tools 10m
        Orateur: Xavier Doligez (IPNO-IN2P3-CNRS)
      • 09:40
        FITXS: A fast burn-up scheme based on the fitting of one-group cross-sections 20m
        Orateur: Máté Halász (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
      • 10:00
        Modeling greatly heterogeneous cores in CLASS 20m
        Orateur: Léa Tillard (IRSN)
    • 10:20 10:40
      COFFEE 20m
    • 10:40 12:20
      Reactor models for fuel cycle simulations
      • 10:40
        Modeling MSRs in DYMOND 20m
        Orateur: Bo Feng (ANL)
      • 11:00
        Modeling a fast MSR with ORION 20m
        Orateur: Eva Davidson (ORNL)
      • 11:20
        Molten salt reactor modeling and simulation 20m
        Orateur: Benjamin Betzler
      • 11:40
        --DISCUSSION-- 40m
    • 12:20 14:00
      LUNCH 1h 40m
    • 14:00 15:40
      Fuel cycle simulators and data treatment
      • 14:00
        The Fuel Cycle Analysis Toolbox 40m
        Orateur: Brent Dixon (INL)
      • 14:40
        Modeling fuel cycle events and advancing time in SITON v2.0 20m
        Orateur: Aron Brolly (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
      • 15:00
        Improvements of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation System (NFCSS) at IAEA 20m
        Orateur: Ki Seob Sim (IAEA)
      • 15:20
        Development of an Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulator (FANCSEE) with Graphical User Interface 20m
        Orateur: Wacław Gudowski (KTH)
    • 15:40 16:00
      COFFEE 20m
    • 16:00 17:40
      Fuel cycle simulators and data treatment
      • 16:00
        Using Supply and Demand Curves to Determine Facility Deployment 20m
        Orateur: Robert Flanagan (University of South Carolina)
      • 16:20
        Regulus: Visual Analysis Exploration of High Dimensional Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulations Data 20m
        Orateur: Yarden Livnat (University of Utah)
      • 16:40
        Implementation of a Modernized Transmutation Library Database 20m
        Orateur: Nicholas Brown (Pennsylvania State University)
      • 17:00
        --DISCUSSION-- 40m
    • 09:00 10:30
      Economy and interdisciplinary applications
      • 09:00
        Economy and interdisciplinary applications of fuel cycle simulation 10m
        Orateur: Adrien Bidaud (CNRS - LPSC)
      • 09:10
        Requirements of load following by nuclear power plant as a function of variable renewable energies’s developpement. 20m
        Orateur: Adrien Bidaud (CNRS - LPSC)
      • 09:30
        Nuclear and Renewables in deregulated markets. Nuclear fuel cycle cost estimates with cross-disciplinary modelling 20m
        Orateur: Rodica Loisel (Université de Nantes, LEMNA )
      • 09:50
        How can we anticipate the evolution of the uranium cost to define when Fast Reactors will become competitive against Light Water Reactors? 20m
        Orateur: Anne Baschwitz (CEA)
      • 10:10
        Evaluation of non-nuclear material balance with the COSI software 20m
        Orateur: Philippe Miranda (CEA)
    • 10:30 10:50
      COFFEE 20m
    • 10:50 11:50
      Economy and interdisciplinary applications
      • 10:50
        Economic Analysis of Alternative Transition Pathways to Improve Economic Considerations in Fuel Cycle Transition 20m
        Orateur: Brent Dixon (INL)
      • 11:10
        --DISCUSSION-- 40m
    • 11:50 12:50
      Confidence and robustness in fuel cycle simulations
      • 11:50
        Nuclear scenarios: an exercise of robustness analysis 40m
        Orateur: Guillaume Krivtchik (CEA)
      • 12:30
        Strategies for the uncertainty quantification of fuel cycle scenarios 20m
        Orateur: Aris Villacorta Skarbeli (CIEMAT)
    • 12:50 14:20
      LUNCH 1h 30m
    • 14:20 15:40
      Confidence and robustness in fuel cycle simulations
      • 14:20
        Impact of Macro Reactor Approximation on Scenario : Modeling in C.L.A.S.S 20m
        Orateur: Abdoul-Aziz Zakari-Issoufou (CNRS/IN2P3-IPNO)
      • 14:40
        A new kind of fuel cycle benchmark : FIT Benchmark 20m
        Orateur: Nicolas Thiollière (IMTA - CNRS )
      • 15:00
        --DISCUSSION-- 40m
    • 15:40 16:00
      COFFEE 20m
    • 16:00 18:00
      Panel discussion with decision makers
    • 18:30 20:30
      COCKTAIL 2h
    • 09:00 10:20
      Scenario studies and non-proliferation
      • 09:00
        Modeling off-normal cascade operations 40m
        Orateur: Paul P.H. Wilson (University of Madison)
      • 09:40
        Nuclear diversion scenario within the functional uncertainties 20m
        Orateur: Baptiste Mouginot (University of Madison)
      • 10:00
        Nuclear archeology: Reconstructing past fissile material production using measurements and fuel cycle simulations 20m
        Orateur: Malte Göttsche (Aachen University)
    • 10:20 10:40
      COFFEE 20m
    • 10:40 12:40
      Scenario studies and non-proliferation
      • 10:40
        Integration Modeling to Decipher a fuel cycle 20m
        Orateur: Romarie Morales Rosado (PNNL)
      • 11:00
        Fuel Cycle Systems Scenario Analysis: Recycling LWR Plutonium in Thorium Fueled PT-HWRs 20m
        Orateur: Daniel Wojtaszek (Chalk River Laboratories)
      • 11:20
        Impact of Technology Characteristics on Transition to a Fast Reactor Fleet 20m
        Orateur: Ed Hoffman (ANL)
      • 11:40
        On the use of plutonium burning fast reactors to reduce PWR irradiated assemblies’ stockpile 20m
        Orateur: Timothée Kooyman (CEA)
      • 12:00
        --DISCUSSION-- 40m
    • 12:40 12:50
      CONCLUSION 10m
    • 12:50 14:20
      LUNCH 1h 30m
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