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Séminaires LAPP

Driving Principles of Tracker Design for Future Hadron Colliders (FCC-hh)

par Zbynek Drasal (CERN)

Auditorium (LAPP)




A 100 TeV proton collider represents the core aspect of a Future Circular Collider (FCC) study. An integral part of this project is the conceptual design of individual detector systems, which can be operated under luminosities reaching values up-to 3x10^35 cm^-2 s^-1. One of the key limitations in the design naturally arises from an increased number of pile-up events O(1000), which makes the particle tracking and identification of vertices extremely challenging. This talk will review the general ideas, which conceptually drive the current tracker/vertex detector design for the FCC-hh (& compare these ideas to those driving the current trackers for HL-LHC), like material budget, detector granularity, pattern recognition & tagging capabilities, uniformity of magnetic field across large detection region and occupancy/data rates. Finally, an extra focus will be given on the limits of current tracker technologies and requirements on their progress to meet the conditions of FCC-hh.


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