High Energy Physics in the LHC Era



FRIF-workshop organized by: K.Benakli (LPTHE) J.Iliopoulos (LPTENS) C.Kounnas(LPTENS) U.Bassler (LPNHE) W.Krasny (LPNHE)
  • Monday, 13 November
    • 09:00 09:30
      Welcome 30m
    • 09:05 09:50
      Machines and Detectors: LHC and TEVATRON 45m
      Speaker: Stefan Tapprogge (University Mainz)
      more information
    • 09:10 09:55
      Theory Predictions for SM Higgs Production 45m
      Speaker: Zoltan Kunszt (ETH Zurich)
      more information
    • 09:15 10:00
      TEVATRON Highlights 45m
      Speaker: Jean-Francois Grivaz (LAL Orsay)
      more information
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