Interdisciplinary endeavors and data challenges in 21st century astronomy

par Dr Emille Ishida (LPC-UBP)

Astronomical development has always been connected with, and sometimes dependent on, technological innovation. The technological difficulties associated with the observational process lead the field to evolve around the study of a few, well observed, objects. This paradigm has shifted completely in the last two or three decades with the advent of large scale surveys. In this new scenario, traditional approaches to data analysis in a case by case basis are no longer feasible. Astronomy is reinventing itself through interdisciplinary collaborations with computer science and statistics. In this talk, I will briefly describe one example of how this partnership developed. Using the Cosmostatistics Initiative (COIN) and the scientific challenges involving supernova Ia as case studies, I will discuss a few algorithms, the scientific outcomes they enabled and the scientific, and logistic, challenges still lying ahead.
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