Amphi Dirac (IPN Lyon)

Amphi Dirac

IPN Lyon

Domaine scientifique de la Doua Bâtiment Paul Dirac 4, rue Enrico Fermi 69622 Villeurbanne CEDEX
Bernard ILLE (IPNL), Corinne AUGIER (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon IPNL), Olivier Stezowski (IPNL), Stéphane Perries (IPNL), imad Laktineh (in2p3-ucbl)

The Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon is happy to host the third edition of Ecole Internationale de Physique Subatomique from the  9/11/2015 to the 13/11/2015. The aim of the school is to review some recent developments in nuclear physics, particle physics and astroparticle physics. The target audience is 1st year and 2nd year PhD students in these topics. The goal is to complete the formation acquired during the Master years by proposing lectures on some core topics of these disciplines. Lectures will be given in english.

This year the main lectures (4.5 hours each) will be :

  • Dark matter (Genevieve Bélanger , LAPTh, Annecy)
  • Observational probes of dark energy (Nicolas Regnault & Josquin Errard, LPNHE, Paris)
  • Nuclear reactions (Guillaume Blanchon, CEA Saclay)

A 18 hours long comprehensive introduction to the simulation software Geant 4, including practical sessions and medical physics applications (Antoine Cazes, Iulia Companis and Etienne Testa). Please note that for this course a basic knowledge in C++ is required.

There will also be 3 additional seminars extending the lectures that will be annonced later.

Some French doctoral schools give 30h scientific formation credits for complete participation to this school.

This school is funded by the Labex LIO (Lyon Institute of Origins). Some grants are available for students oustide Lyon (see application page).

  • Alexandra Dupuy
  • Alexandre Ciulli
  • Bertrand Soueres
  • Boris Teyssier
  • emeline queguiner
  • emilien wilhelm
  • Francois Lagarde
  • Frederico Scozzi
  • glenn robbins
  • Guillaume Garillot
  • Guillaume maquart
  • Halima ELAZHAR
  • Ivan Grachev
  • Julien Versaci
  • Ludmilla DIRSON
  • Matteo Tuveri
  • Mattia Fontana
  • Mehdi MEZIANE
  • Michal RAPALA
  • Mickael Lespinasse
  • Nicolas Baillot d'Etivaux
  • Pierre BECKER
  • Romain Graziani
  • Sijing ZHANG
  • Solène Le Corre
  • Thomas DESCHLER