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Rencontres de Moriond EW 2012
de dimanche 4 mars 2012 (08:30) à samedi 10 mars 2012 (12:00)

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dimanche 4 mars 2012
lundi 5 mars 2012
mardi 6 mars 2012
mercredi 7 mars 2012
jeudi 8 mars 2012
vendredi 9 mars 2012
samedi 10 mars 2012
Neutrinos (until 11:35)
08:30  Opera results - Andrea Longhin (INFN LNF Frascati)  
08:50  The Price for Neutrino- Superluminality - Alexander Vikman (CERN)  
09:10  Results from T2K - Masashi Otani (Kyoto univ.)  
09:30  First result from the Double Chooz reactor-neutrino experiment - Tsunayuki Matsubara (Tokyo Metropolitan univiersity)  
09:50  Solar-neutrino physics with Borexino - Livia Ludhova (INFN Milano)  
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10:10 --- coffee & tea break ---
10:35  Review of neutrinoless double beta decay searches and recent results from EXO-200. - Ryan MacLellan (University of Alabama)  
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11:00  Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Heavy Sterile Neutrinos - Manimala Mitra (INFN, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS), Assergi, Italy)  
Neutrinos and Dark Matter (until 11:30)
08:30  CDMS dark matter search - Nader Mirabolfathi Jeter Hall (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)  
08:50  Recent results of the CoGeNT Dark Matter experiment - Michael Marino (Technische Universität München)  
09:10  DAMA and CoGeNT : mu-bckgd and higher harmonic contributions - Josef Josef Pradler (Perimeter Institute for Theoret)  
09:30  COUPP dark matter search - Jeter Hall (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)  
09:50  KIMS dark matter search - SeungCheon Kim (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University)  
10:10 --- tea & coffee break ---
10:35  alternative DM models –a review - maxim pospelov (university of victoria)  
10:55  Limits on Lorentz Invariance Violation at the Planck Energy - Tsvi Piran (Racah Institute for Physics Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel)  
Heavy flavour physics (cont) (until 11:30)
08:30  Search for the Bs and B0 decays to dimuons at CMS - Luca Martini (INFN Pisa, CMS experiment)  
08:50  Overview of constraints on new physics in rare B decays - David Straub (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)  
09:10  Rare decays and MSSM phenomenology - Andreas Crivellin (ITP Bern)  
09:30  Heavy flavour measurements at the Tevatron - Guennadi Borissov (Lancaster University)  
09:50  Heavy flavour measurements in ATLAS and CMS - Jochen Schieck  
10:10 --- coffee & tea break ---
10:35  Lattice & Flavour review - Gilberto Colangelo  
10:55  A selection of recent results from BABAR - Vincent Poireau (LAPP)  
EWSB in the Standard Model (until 12:30)
08:30  Symmetry breaking and the Scalar boson - evolving perspectives - François ENGLERT (UNIVERSITE LIBRE DE RUXELLES)  
09:00  The Search for the BroutEnglertHiggs Boson New Results from the DØ Experiment - Joseph Haley (Princeton University)  
09:25  The Search For The BroutEnglertHiggs Boson With Up To 10/fb With CDF - Homer Wolfe (The Ohio State University)  
09:45  Seeking the BroutEnglertHiggs Boson New Results from Tevatron Experiments - Wade Fisher  
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10:05 --- coffee & tea ---
10:30  SM scalar boson search with ATLAS - Sandra Kortner (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik)  
11:00  Searches for the SM Scalar Boson at CMS - Marco Pieri (UC San Diego)  
11:30  Introduction to the discussion on searches for the BEH scalar boson - Jean-Francois Grivaz (LAL - Orsay)  
EWSB (SM and beyond), Precision tests, SUSY (until 11:25)
08:30  New spectra in the HEIDI models - Jochum van der Bij (Physik Freiburg)  
08:55  Single W and Z production asymetries at Tevatron - Thomas Phillips (Duke University)  
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09:15  Diboson physics from the Tevatron - Jadranka Sekaric (University of Kansas)  
09:40  Implication of LHC scalar searches on warped extra dimensions - Matthias Neubert  
10:10 --- coffee & tea break ---
10:35  SUSY searches in LHC - Steven Lowette  
11:00  SUSY status after one year of LHC - Sabine Kraml (LPSC Granoble)  
Beyond the Standard Model, Lepton flavour (until 11:35)
08:30  Searches for 3rd generation SUSY in ATLAS - Antoine Marzin (University of Oklahoma)  
08:50  Natural Explanation for Light Stops - Lisa Randall  
09:20  BSM searches in ATLAS and CMS - David Adams  
09:45  Realistic SO(5)xU(1) model in RS space - Yutaka Hosotani (Osaka University)  
10:05 --- coffee & tea break ---
10:30  Long Lived Exotica at the LHC - Tomer Volansky  
10:50  Tensions with the 3 - neutrino paradigm - Boris Kayser (Fermilab)  
11:15  Minos Nova, Fnal perspective - Mark Messier  
Conference summaries (until 11:00)
09:00  Experimental summary - Alain Blondel (UNIGE)  
09:55  Theory summary - Wilfried Buchmuller  
Neutrinos (cont) (until 19:30)
17:00  First Results from KamLAND-Zen : Double beta decay with Xe-136 - Azusa GANDO (Research Center for Neutrino Science, Tohoku University)  
17:20  Nemo3 double beta decay - Emmanuel Chauveau (University of Manchester)  
17:40  Minerva - Aaron Mislivec  
18:00  Recent results from IceCube - Sebastian Böser (Universität Bonn)  
18:20 --- break ---
18:45  Results from MEG - Wataru Ootani (ICEPP, University of Tokyo)  
YSF1 (until 20:19)
19:30  Multiple mechanisms in Neutrinoless Double beta decay - AURORA MERONI (SISSA)  
19:37  Neutrino Directionality with Double Chooz - Erica Caden  
19:44  Probing neutrino masses in the RPV cMSSM at sqrt(s)=7 TeV - Marja Hanussek (Bonn University)  
19:51  Coherent Neutrino Scattering with Cryogenic Semiconductor Detectors - Adam Anderson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  
19:58  Gamma-ray lines constraints in the NMSSM - Guillaume Chalons (KIT-TTP Karlsruhe)  
20:05  First light at the HAWC gamma ray detector in Mexico - Daniel Fiorino  
20:12  Critical nucleus charge in a superstrong magnetic field: effect of screening - Sergey Godunov (ITEP)  
Dark matter (cont); Heavy flavour physics (until 19:30)
17:00  CAST results and axion review - Thomas Papaevangelou  
17:20  Theoretical update on B-mixing - Alexander Lenz (CERN)  
17:40  LHCb Results on CP Violation in Bs Mixing - peter clarke (CERN/ University Edinburgh)  
18:00  New physics in Bs mixing and decay - Ulrich Haisch  
18:20 --- tea & coffee break ---
18:45  Rare decays in LHCb - Jose A Hernando (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)  
YSF2 (until 21:13)
19:30  A Solution to the Flavor Problem of Warped Extra Dimensions - Martin Bauer (Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz)  
19:37  Minimal flavour violation with non-linear realized EWSB - Juan Yepes  
19:44  Studies of the decay Bs -> DsK - Barbara Storaci (Nikhef)  
20:31  K^+ -> pi^+ pi^0 gamma in the Standard Model and Beyond - Philippe Mertens (Université catholique de Louvain UCL - CP3)  
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20:38  B->K(*)ll branching fractions and asymmetries from BABAR - Liang Sun (University of Cincinnati)  
20:45  Measurement of the time-dependent CP-violation in $B^0 \to D^{*+} D^{*-}$ decays at Belle - Bastian Kronenbitter (EKP, Karlsruhe Institue of Technology)  
20:52  Time Integrated Analysis of B_s -> Phi Phi at LHCb - Dean Lambert (University of Edinburgh)  
21:00  ICARUS and Status of Liquid Argon Technology - Izabela Kochanek (University of Silesia and LNGS, INFN)  
Heavy flavour and charm physics (until 19:30)
17:00  Results on direct CP Violation on B decays in LHCb - Till Moritz Karbach (TU Dortmund)  
17:20  Recent electroweak physics results at Belle - Gagan Mohanty (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)  
17:45  Precision flavor physics from the lattice - Christian Hoelbling (Wuppertal University)  
18:05  Direct CP violation in D decays - Jure Zupan (SISSA)  
18:25 --- tea & coffee break ---
18:50  CP Violation in charm and other LHCb charm results - Jonas Rademacker (University of Bristol)  
YSF3 (until 20:45)
19:30  Abelian symmetries in N-Higgs-doublet Models - Venus Ebrahimi-Keus (University of Liege)  
19:37  A vectophobic 2HDM in the light of the LHC - Elvira Cervero (UCLouvain)  
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19:44  Effective couplings approach: neutralino dark matter relic density - Suchita Kulkarni  
19:51  Gravitino DM: Long-lived staus at the LHC - Jan Heisig (Hamnburg University)  
19:58  Search for SUSY R-hadrons in ATLAS - Morten Jorgensen (Niels Bohr Institute)  
EWSB (SM and beyond). Precision tests (until 20:20)
17:00  LHC: Standard and Hidden Scalar Bosons - Michael Rauch (Univ. Karlsruhe, KIT)  
17:20  Tevatron searches for BSM BEH Bosons - Azeddine Kasmi (Baylor University)  
17:40  Strong electroweak symmetry breaking - Anna Kaminska (University of Warsaw)  
18:00  How to tell apart non-standard EW symmetry breaking mechanisms - Veronica Sanz (York University)  
18:25  SUSY and BSM Scalar searches in ATLAS and CMS - Sridhara Dasu  
18:50 --- coffee & tea break ---
19:15  W mass measurement from D0 - Hengne LI (LPSC)  
19:35  W mass measurement from CDF - Bodhitha Jayatilaka (Duke University)  
19:55  EW measurements from ATLAS and CMS - Jan Kretzschmar (jan.kretzschmar@liverpool.ac.uk)  
SUSY , Top physics (until 19:00)
17:00  SUSY and a 125 GeV Scalar - Nazila Mahmoudi (LPC Clermont)  
17:15  Search for Dark Matter in Monojet and Monophoton events (CMS) - Steve Worm (CERN / RAL)  
17:30  Supersymmetric models with light higgsinos - Felix Bruemmer (DESY)  
17:45  Gluinos lighter than s-quarks and detection at LHC - Liliana Velasco-Sevilla (Cinvestav)  
18:00  Phenomenology of SUSY with intermediate scale physics - Carla Biggio (IFAE)  
18:15  Single top physics in ATLAS - Martin zur Nedden  
Moriond discussion (until 20:00)
Top Physics (until 19:10)
17:00  Top quark production at the Tevatron - Sandra Leone (INFN Pisa)  
17:15  The ttbar asymmetry in the SM - German Rodrigo (IFIC Valencia)  
17:35  Top properties (mass, width, spin correlations) at the Tevatron - Viatcheslav Shary (CEA, Saclay, France)  
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17:50  Top physics in ATLAS and CMS - Pedro Ferreira da Silva  
YSF4 (until 20:30)
19:10  Strong SO(10)-inspired leptogenesis: predictions and justification. - Luca Marzola (University of Southampton)  
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19:17  Measurement of the Z+b cross section at CMS - Tristan du Pree (UCLouvain)  
19:24  b-tagging calibration using top pair events with the ATLAS experiment - Agnieszka Leyko Leyko (University of Bonn)  
19:31  Search for the SM scalar boson in ZH -> nunubb at D0 - Abhinav Dubey (University of Delhi)  
19:38  Observation of Diffractively Produced W bosons in pp collision with the CMS Experiment - Juerg Eugster (Institute for Particle Physics, ETH Zurich)  
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19:45  H->WW->lnulnu in ATLAS - Joshua Kunkle (University of Pennsylvania)  
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19:52  Measurement of the ttbar Production Cross Section at √s = 7 TeV in Lepton + Jets Events using b-quark Jet Identification Techniques - Sadia Khalil (Kansas State University)  
19:59  Single Top Quark Production at DØ - Jyoti Joshi (University of California, Riverside)  
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