The Second WP5 Workshop will take place on Thursday 5 August from 09:00 until 12:00 CEST.

Details are starting to appear on Indico at

As a reminder, this workshop is required to satisfy the project milestone MS31, “Second WP5 workshop to analyse prototype performance”.

I interpret this as being a charge to invite various ESCAPE stakeholders to the workshop, to present the work which as been done to date, to give them a chance to experiment with it, and to ask them for their feedback. (I regard “performance” as describing the holistic design and concept of the ESAP — “how well does it do its job?” — rather than some limited definition which regards purely computation/query performance.)

The draft agenda at the Indico page linked above includes:

- An overview of the ESAP “vision”, together with some discussion of how it relates to the expressed use cases.

- Discussion of current and upcoming work in interactive data analysis, batch processing, and managed databases.

- Interactions with other work packages.

- Time for discussion.

Your feedback on what else should be added to the agenda, and — in particular — on what you could contribute would be much appreciated.