RPP2021 virtuelles

from Tuesday, 6 April 2021 (09:30) to Friday, 9 April 2021 (12:35)
Tours (Online)

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6 Apr 2021
7 Apr 2021
8 Apr 2021
9 Apr 2021
Welcome - Stam Nicolis (LMPT Tours) (until 10:00) (Online)
Pheno/Experimental - Stam Nicolis (LMPT Tours) (until 12:35) (Online)
10:00 New physics in B meson mixing: future sensitivity and limitations - Luiz Vale Silva (IFIC, UV - CSIC)   (Online)
10:30 Single Leptoquark Solutions to the B-physics anomalies - Florentin Jaffredo (IJCLab)   (Online)
11:05 Top quark spin observables and EFT - abdellah Tnourji (Laboratoire de Clermont de Physique)   (Online)
11:35 Hight Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD) - abdellah Tnourji (Laboratoire de Clermont de Physique)   (Online)
12:05 Muon Telescope as Demonstrator of the JUNO Top Tracker Detector - Mr Luis felipe Pineres rico (IPHC-CNRS)   (Online)
Heavy Ions -Dr Maxim Chernodub (IDP Tours) (until 12:05) (Online)
10:00 Dynamical Thermalization in heavy-ion collisions - Mahbobeh JAFARPOUR ({UNIV NANTES}UMR6457)   (Online)
10:30 Dynamics of the critical fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions - Grégoire Pihan (Subatech UMR 6457 (IMT Atlantique, Université de Nantes, IN2P3/CNRS))   (Online)
11:05 Impact of hadronisation process and hadronic cascades on the 2nd order susceptibilities studied with EPOS event generator - Johannes JAHAN (Subatech)   (Online)
11:35 A probabilistic QCD picture of diffractive dissociation and predictions for future electron-ion colliders - Anh Dung Le (CPHT, CNRS, Ecole polytechnique, IP Paris)   (Online)
La physique théorique des deux infinis: Atelier en juin 2021 -Dr Xavier Bekaert (IDP Tours) (until 10:20) (Online)
Finite Temperature and Density -Dr Xavier Bekaert (IDP Tours) (until 11:20) (Online)
10:20 Advanced fluid dynamics for heavy-ion collisions: The impact of dimensionality - Nathan TOUROUX (Subatech)   (Online)
10:50 Dark Heating of Neutron Stars : Electron Edition - Aniket Joglekar (LAPTh)   (Online)
Beyond the Standard Model -Dr Xavier Bekaert (IDP Tours) (until 12:25) (Online)
11:25 YM and QCD correlation functions from the Curci-Ferrari model at two-loop order - Nahuel Barrios (École Polytechnique)   (Online)
11:55 Asymptotic Grand Unification and other attractives features of the Renormalisation Group Equations. - Corentin COT   (Online)
Beyond the Standard Model - Stam Nicolis (LMPT Tours) (until 11:00) (Online)
10:00 A negative cosmological constant in the dark sector? - Rodrigo Calderon (Laboratoire de Physique Charles Coulomb (L2C) - Université de Montpellier)   (Online)
10:30 Hints for decaying dark matter from S8 measurements - Guillermo Franco Abellan ({UAI}0342321N)   (Online)
Beyond the Standard Model - Stam Nicolis (LMPT Tours) (until 12:35) (Online)
11:05 Weak Gravity Conjecture and Scalar Fields - Mr Carlo Branchina (LPTHE)   (Online)
11:35 Techni-Pati-Salam Model - Shahram Vatani (IP2I)   (Online)
12:05 Brane-Higgs fields - Dr Grégory Moreau (IJCLab, Université Paris-Saclay)   (Online)
Finite Temperature and Density -Dr Maxim Chernodub (IDP Tours) (until 12:35) (Online)
12:05 Cold & Dense QCD: renormalization group resummation at NNLO - Loïc Fernandez (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb)   (Online)