All the sciences/experiments are now on board, having provided reports for at least the 1st exercise.

The reports for the 2nd exercise are attached to agenda .

CMS, EGO-VIRGO, and SKA reports for 2nd tasks are still missing.


3rd Data Injection Demonstrators meeting next week, for which the 3rd task is due:

accessing the data in the lake with an application/workflow that does use the data and produce a real output.


If you are using a JupyterLab notebook, the work performed by our GSOC student (Rucio-JupyterLab Extension) could be handy. It is a simple extension to be installed.


Several topics were raised at today's meeting that should be discussed with a broader audience (i.e. next WP2 Fortnightly meeting):

- greedy option for RSEs;

- Rucio multi-VO functionalities;

- experiment-specific RSE.