Fink Hackathon



8 rue de lancry , 75010, France
Anais Moller (CNRS / LPC Clermont) , Emille Ishida (LPC-UCA) , Julien Peloton (CNRS-IJCLab)

First Fink Hackathon

This is the first event to bring together researchers and engineers devoted to the development of Fink science modules. 


The venue is located at   8 rue de Lancry , 75010, France

Check in is allowed on Sunday, 16 May 2021, from 18:00h.

Official activities will start Monday morning with a review of the tasks for the week. The schedule is very flexible allowing for plenty of time for discussions and hacking. 

Further information will be sent to participants closer to the date.  


  • Anais Moller
  • Emille Ishida
  • Julien Peloton