Reunion spéciale organisation Workshop Mai 2020


Connection Vidyo:

List des talks:

1) EWPO measurement and impact on SM constraints / BSM (theory)

--> C. Grosjean, A. Deandra, G. Cacciapaglias

2) Lumi measurement / beam induced bgds/ beam energy measurement

--> A. Blondel(LPNHE), E. Perez(CERN)

3) Systematics on EWPO measurements / line-shape + AFB leptonic/Sin2thetaWeff
4) Systematics on EWPO measurements /  Rb Rc AFbb AFcc

HF-taus : 5) Exclusive reconstruction of b- and c-hadron decays as ultimate quark flavour tagging.

--> 1) M. Boonekamp(CEA), E. Locci(CEA)

--> 2) R. Pöschl ?(LAL)

--> 3) Jeune ILC ?

--> 4) gens de Babar ?

5) Alpha-s (MZ and MW) / other QCD measurements

--> B. Malaescu(LPNHE)

6) mass (W) and Gamma(W) measurements

--> E. Locci(CEA), D. Boumedienne(LPC), M. Boonekamp(CEA)

1) Overview on HF physics and related BSM (theo)

--> D. Besirevic(LPT)*, N. Mahmoudi (IP2I), A. Bharucha (CPT)

   2) Momentum resolution  from the perspective of LFV Z decays (45 GeV muons), Tau decays

+ 6)  Overview on tau physic and Calorimetry constraints from tau physics (BF, spectral, functions, LFU test)

--> JC. Brient(LLR)

--> IPHC, IP2I

3) b,c and light quark-flavour tagging for Vcb and Vcs at WW. Vertexing perf. for b-hadron decays with missing energy (tau and neutrinos)

--> S. Monteil(LPC), M-H. Schune(LAL)

--> F. Polci (LPNHE), Justine --> si workshop décalé?

4) Hadronic PID from the HF perspectives. Comparison of dE/dx, Cerenkov, TOF … --> cluster counting?

--> G. Wilkinson (UK)

--> D. Attier (CEA)

--> Quelqu'un de Babar ?

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