DIRAC Project meeting

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Visio Zoom

Johan Bregeon (IN2P3 LUPM)

The DIRAC@IN2P3 Project meeting to review the progress in various activities.

Connect to the meeting here: https://zoom.us/j/978578648

  • Andrei Tsaregorodtsev
  • Fabio Hernandez
  • Johan Bregeon
  • Luisa Arrabito
  • Pierre Gay
  • Sorina POP
  • Vanessa Hamar

Réunion Dirac@IN2P3 du 18/09/2019

+ Dirac release
  current production version v6r22p10
  v7r0p1 is built but is undergoing integration tests at CERN
      - ProductionSystem, Pilot 3.0, ElasticSearch for JobParameters (and other things)
    - Q: explicitely add CPU instructions as a JobParameter - yes, even within the job
    - Operational problem for CTA DIrac and FG-DIRAC because no robust available ElasticSearch service @ CC-IN2P3
    - same potential issue with MQ

  v7r1 : external identity providers via oauth2
  VMDIRAC: conteners and pilot 3

+ M3AMU project
  setting up Dirac UI to access mesocenter
  AMU SSO got user authentification: oauth2 on top of AMU LDAP

+ Budget 2019
  allocation 6 kEuors, reste 1 kEuros -> automn F2F meeting or conference in France?

+ EAP IN2P3 avec Volker le 7 Octobre
  demande 12 kEuros, nouveaux participants de l'IPC pour Belle2

+ IPHC (Yannick Patois): contribution pour Belle2, jobs multi-coeurs, mpi
  Belle2 to use rucio, interaction with Dirac
  interest for job submission, improve user experience, MPI support

+ ESCAPE H2020 Common software for HEP and Astro HE
  WP3: CPPM contributes for KM3Net, engineer to be hired in January 2020
    work to use Dirac for astrophysics
  WP2: discussion started, in particular for SKA... no conclusions yet

+ Dirac Consortium News: UB out, Imperial College in, KEK in, UM and PNNL pending
  -> besoin de conclure sur la signature de Montpellier...

+ Next DUW at KEK IPNS Japan: 25-29 mai 2020

+ Prospectives IN2P3 -> DIRAC : écrire à Volker

+ EOSC SKA (2 personnes CTAO, 2 personnes SKA, Luisa, Andrei)

+ Existence installation instance Server+DB basé sur Docker+Docker compose
  voir github
   -> https://github.com/DIRACGrid/DIRAC/tree/integration/container

+ Sorina
  utiliser le cluster de CREATIS via ssh CE qui utilise Fedora 29 !
  -> compiler version de Pilot adapté mais ne fonctionne pas encore
  -> objectif d'utiliser des GPUs
  -> Andrei propose d'utiliser Dirac 7 avec DiracOS
  -> problème probablement lié à l'accès au stockage (utilise gfal)

+ Besoin d'upgraded DIRAC France Grille à Dirac v7
  gros travail de migration à planifier
  -> journée du 1 Octobre bloquée (AT, SP, VH)

+ LA to go to ADASS for DIRAC for CTA in October

+ JB: doodle next meeting and F2F
+ JB: Prospectives IN2P3 -> Volker
+ JB, LA: UM signature for Consortium
+ JB, LA: Write TS paper quickly



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