1-5 April 2019
Campus de Talence - Sciences et technologies
Europe/Paris timezone

NEW DATE : 1st April-5th April

The Data Analysis and Computing Workshop is born from the initiative of a researcher, Hugon Christophe, and three PhD, Girard-Carillo Cloé, Pin Axel and Tedjditi Hichem.

The goal of this Workshop:

  • To give everyone a better understanding and using of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in a Data Analysis context;
  • To learn how to construct a structured, flexible and clear code;
  • To collect, organize and analyze a Data flux using OOP properties.


The Workshop will be divided in two categories:

First: General coding course given by Hugon Christophe which will serve to give the necessary basis to work on the problematics.

Second: Group Working session of 3-4 participants on the problematics.

The different group will be working together on an AI programming contest with a progressive difficulty. The treatment of the problematic will follow the everyday physicist and analyst problematic. To be more precise, participants will need to manage an incoming flux of data, the stocking and rearrangement of this data, and finally they will exploit the rearranged data and bring out a result.

This Workshop is open to everybody that want to improve his understanding and using of OOP in a data analysis context.

Basic programming skills are required (variables, pointers, c or python).

The fees (100/pers) will cover the social event, the workshop diner and the professor transport and payment only. Everyday lunch is to be included in your mission order.

If you are interested and willing to participate in this Data Analysis & Computing Workshop, fill the registration form and send it back with the order form to Fanny Cadou (cadou@cenbg.in2p3.fr).

For any question, send a mail to "Cloé Girard-Carillo" girardcarillo@lal.in2p3.fr; "Pin Axel" pin@cenbg.in2p3.fr; or "Tedjditi Hichem" tedjditi@cppm.in2p3.fr

Campus de Talence - Sciences et technologies
Building B16 - Room 04
351 cours de la Libération CS 10004 33 405 Talence CEDEX

Dead line on 21th of December

Registration for this event is currently open.