Amphitheatre (Institut d'Astrophysique De Paris)


Institut d'Astrophysique De Paris

98bis Boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris, France
Alessandro Lupi (IAP), Bernard Foing (ESA), Salvatore Cielo (IAP), Suvodip Mukherjee (IAP), joe silk (IAP)
The Moon will provide a unique environment for astronomy. This workshop will offer an opportunity for getting an updated view of the unique potential offered by the Moon as the next step for the development of astronomy by the properties of space, combined with the advantages of the terrestrial environment. Domains of astrophysics such as cosmology, ultra-high resolution imaging in radio to the visible range and far-infrared spectroscopy could radically benefit from lunar science. The workshop will terminate in the afternoon with visits to the ESA and CNES stands at the Le Bourget International Air Show and a talk by the ESA DG on the design of a future lunar village.
  • Adarsh Ranjan
  • ahmad saeed
  • Alessandro Lupi
  • Aline Decadi
  • Alvise Raccanelli
  • Andrea Moneti
  • Angeliki Kapoglou
  • Anne Zilles
  • Asantha Cooray
  • Augustin Guyonnet
  • Baptiste Cecconi
  • Bradley Kavanagh
  • casse michel
  • Cesar Melgarejo
  • Christian Byrnes
  • Corentin Cadiou
  • Cynthia CHAHLA
  • Emma Curtis Lake
  • Faviola Romero
  • Filippo Sala
  • Florian Führer
  • Gaelle Giesen
  • Gohar Dashyan
  • Heino Falcke
  • Hugo Pfister
  • Irina Dvorkin
  • Jean Mouette
  • Jean-Pierre MAILLARD
  • Jerome Gilleron
  • Joe Silk
  • Johanna Pardo
  • Julie Mottin
  • Julien Villa-Massone
  • Kalliopi Petraki
  • Kees Van der Pols
  • Kristian Zarb Adami
  • Kyle Acierno
  • Leah Morabito
  • Luciano del Valle
  • Luis Ferreira
  • Marco Agnan
  • Marco CIRELLI
  • Martin Elvis
  • Martin Giard
  • Mathieu Boudaud
  • Max Hutchison
  • Maxime Trebitsch
  • Michel Berthe
  • Michel Dennefeld
  • Michele Gerbaldi
  • Miguel Delaire
  • Myriam Rodrigues
  • Olivia Leroy
  • Peter Behroozi
  • Pierre Guillard
  • Pierre-Alexis Joumel
  • Salvatore Cielo
  • Silvia Galli
  • Simon Vanden Bussche
  • Siwei Zou
  • Stavros KATSANEVAS
  • Stefano Camera
  • Suvodip Mukherjee
  • Thomas GASCARD
  • Tom Charnock
  • Valentin SAUVAGE
  • Valerie Skuratova
  • Victoria Da-Poian
  • Vincent Coudé du Foresto
  • walter jaffe
  • Yann HELLO
  • Yuichiro TADA
  • zouhair Benkhaldoun