Events overview

22 February 2021
10:30 Meeting ITk LPNHE
11:15 LPNHE H->bb+yy meeting Zoom only

Zoom only

12:00 IWAPP SOC meeting
14:00 Looking at the cosmic voids, a promising cosmological probe
14:00 DIRAC Project meeting Visio Zoom

Visio Zoom
14:00 Artificial Intelligence approaches for Monte Carlo simulation
14:30 WP6 - ESCAPE 15th Communication Meeting
ongoing On-line 21th AGATA Week
ongoing master page zoom space

zoom space

ongoing CAFE LPC LPC Caen

LPC Caen

ongoing Radiation Measurements and Radiochemistry in Environment and Decommissioning Auditorium Weiss (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)

Auditorium Weiss

Faculty of Physics and Engineering

3-5 rue de l’Université, 67000 Strasbourg
ongoing Proton Radius European Network (PREN)