Events overview

15 January 2021
09:00 Réunion de coordination janvier 2021
09:15 WP2's lapp weekly meeting
10:00 Focus group 3 call - Innovative workflows
10:00 RAP - ATLAS/Pixel
10:20 Reunion permanents Petit Amphi (LAPP)

Petit Amphi


10:45 Réunion de groupe
11:00 Deliverable 3.7 discussion
11:00 Pierre Antilogus : Ouvrir un compte-Configurer-utiliser zoom & d’autres outils de communication Amphi LPNHE


12:00 T2K-II group meeting
14:00 IWAPP SOC meeting
14:00 Philippe Baratta, « A new Monte Carlo method for galaxy clustering analysis » amphi (CPPM)



14:30 Rare production of top quarks at the LHC
15:00 Reunion FCC-contacts
15:00 LA-CoNGA-Physics Consortium meeting
ongoing Tourniquet CENBG
ongoing Formation Administreur iRODS Visioconférence

ongoing Radiation Measurements and Radiochemistry in Environment and Decommissioning Auditorium Weiss (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)

Auditorium Weiss

Faculty of Physics and Engineering

3-5 rue de l’Université, 67000 Strasbourg
ongoing Proton Radius European Network (PREN)