Events overview

14 December 2020
08:00 Polarisation measurements in ee, ep, pp and heavy-ion collisions IJCLab


Laboratoire de Physique des 2 infinis Irène Joliot-Curie – IJCLab
10:30 Réunion groupe WEB Salle du conseil (CPPM)

Salle du conseil


11:15 LPNHE H->bb+yy meeting Zoom only

Zoom only

13:30 Interactive Data Analysis (IDA) working group
14:00 Calcul ATLAS France (CAF) CC-IN2P3


14:00 Réunion développeurs
14:00 The FLASH effect in radiotherapy: biological outcomes, temporal and dose requirements, issues and future prospects
14:00 Data discovery & AAI working group updates
14:00 Damien Dornic, soutenance HDR , Neutrinos and co. - Multi-messenger analyses with neutrinos Amphi (CPPM)



14:30 WP6 - ESCAPE 14th Communication Meeting
14:55 "Opening Science" - LabEx UnivEarthS Thematic School 2020 Online


ongoing Reem's rehearsal
ongoing test
ongoing IPHC research internships & thesis presentation (grande) Salle Master (IPHC - Bâtiment 20/26)

(grande) Salle Master

IPHC - Bâtiment 20/26

ongoing Radiation Measurements and Radiochemistry in Environment and Decommissioning Auditorium Weiss (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)

Auditorium Weiss

Faculty of Physics and Engineering

3-5 rue de l’Université, 67000 Strasbourg
ongoing Proton Radius European Network (PREN)